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GEFIL Project Finance

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GEFIL provides Project Finance and EPC Services. We understand Renewable projects and are the perfect partner for Africa funding needs. We also do all the heavy lifting for your business or organization and make sure your solar, wind, renewable and green projects get financed quickly. Whether you are looking for a traditional Loan, a Capital Lease, Operating Lease, a Power Purchase Agreement, Power Purchase Lease or Energy Savings Agreement, GEFIL has the capacity to finance green energy product that best meet our prospect needs.

GFIL Financing Benefits:

A+ To B- Credit Grade
Competitive Rates
Public And Private Companies

Non-Profit Financing
Non-Conforming Customers
Multiple Underwriting Scenarios that increase closing percentages

Funding amounts From N50,000 – N30,000.000

100% Financing In Most Cases
Quick Approvals Anywhere within Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa

Types Of Projects That Qualify For Financing:

  • Wind Project Financing
  • LED Lighting Project Financing
  • Battery Backup Financing
  • Energy Audit Financing
  • Acquisition of Energy Efficient Equipment and Appliances Financing
  • Solar Systems (Rooftop, Ground mounted, Carport) Financing
  • Solar Water Pumping Systems Financing
  • Solar Water Heating Systems Financing
  • Solar Drying Systems Financing
  • Bio Gas Plant Financing
  • Micro / Pico Hydro systems Financing

Financing Disclosure:

GEFIL, LLC or its affiliates do not provide tax or legal advice as to which funding meets your client’s or company’s needs. Please see your tax adviser to determine how this information may apply to your own situation. All credit decisions are subject to approval. Not all projects and/or companies will qualify for financing. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.